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What is Punk Rock PIZZA?

Inspired by legendary pizzerias. Places where you could hang out with friends and the memories were just as good as the pizza.  Places that don't exist anymore like Tower Pizza in Rochester, or Pasquale's in Royal Oak. Or one's that crush it to this day like Loui's in Hazel Park or Rocco's in South Bend.  These places shaped my childhood and my life today.  I wanted to combine that energy with my passion for cooking and the music I love and share that with you. 


We are a scratch kitchen and use only premium ingredients. Our hours are weird and we will run out of food. We don't believe in drama or attitude. We support Liverpool Football Club, The Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and the Gypsy King Tyson Fury.  We just want to have fun and do what we love.  From us to you- I hope Punk Rock Pizza will mean something in your life.


Not Made for Defeat - PCA


Simple. Fresh. Local. Delicous.








About Our Pizza

Our dough is 69% hydrated to provide a light, airy crust with some chew.  It's NY inspired, but done our way.  It is made by hand and batch fermented at room temperature to ensure the perfect consistency.  It's then cold fermented for a minimum of 72  hours to allow the flavors to develop.  It also provides more structure and breaks down gluten so it's not so heavy (you can eat more of it). 


The sauce is made in three phases.  We start with traditional sauce made with hand crushed San Marzano tomatoes, sea salt, and EVOO.  We then add spices inspired by trips to Hoboken New Jersey and the memory of the legendary Tower Pizza in downtown Rochester.  Finally, we finish with some techniques learned from the best- Clamenza in the Godfather.  It all works.  I promise.


We, "come heavy or not at all" with the cheese- Aged parmesan, low moisture mozzarella, and fresh buffalo moz depending on the mood.


Cheesecake and Espresso

Two things I could never live without.  Our cheesecake is a family recipe that has been perfected for years.  It has no toppings and it doesn't jiggle.  We use only the finest graham crackers, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Daisy Sour Cream, Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter, and Woodford Reserve Bourbon.  Candles available upon request.  

The espresso speaks for itself. 


Homemade breads, soups, pastas and desserts will appear.  Late night sandwiches and snacks will also appear.  Menu items will change.  What will not change is our promise that everything will be made with the highest quality, attention to detail, and love. 


Come Visit Us @543 North Main Street. Downtown Rochester

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